Process Alloy Wheel Refurbishment

...We give a full factory refurbishment involving a five stage process returning wheels to their original factory fresh condition
1. Wheel Inspection : check for all damage. then inform customer of any repairs required. These are normally undertaken at this stage.
2. Wheel Stripping Wheels then stripped chemically back to base metal, Then sandblasted to prepare for painting
3. Wheel Paint Process Into the oven for pre-heating before powder coating then back into oven to bake. In our standard Powder Colours or Primed for colour coding.
Wheel Colours When the wheels are the required colour.They are then lacquered, unless they are to be machined, once machined, These are also lacquered.
4. Oven When lacquered the wheels require one more bake
5. Final QC Alloy Wheel check To ensure our standards of quality, Ready to fit to your car


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Alloy Wheel Repair Services

Most damaged wheels can be repaired. With more than 20 years experience of working with wheels our technicians will be happy to inspect and advise

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Tyre services

Professional Tyre Fitting Service with knowledgeable tyre fitters who will answer all your questions. Alloy wheel repair centre provided free tyre fitting and balancing service

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