Alloy WheelDiamond Cut

Diamond Cut Alloy Wheel

Wheel shine like a diamond !

Diamond Cutting involves removing a thin layer of alloy from the wheel using specialist lathe equipment. Diamond cut alloys look shiny with a very fine line like a CD disc.

This process is done before the lacquer is applied the the wheel


Many new cars are being delivered with diamond cut alloy wheels. Our technician is pleased to provide a diamond cutting service for your alloys

Diamond cutting is a finish that is achieved on a lathe using a diamond tipped cutting tool. Wheel profiles can be copied to within >0.1 of a millimetre. How do I know if my wheels have been diamond cut? "It's given very faint lines on the polished surface, shine Look"

Diamond Cut Face
Gloss Black with Diamond Cut Face
Diamond Cut lip
Black with Diamond Cut Face and Lip.