Frequently asked questionsAlloy wheel and Tyre Services

Answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about Alloy Wheel Repair Service and Refurbishment Service

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If you had a buckled wheel would it cause an MOT failure?

- A badly buckled wheel would fail an MOT and cause the tyre to wear.

Can buckled alloys be repaired?

- Yes. Mostly we can do a while you wait service with our digital Hydraulic wheel straightening Machine

Will buckled alloy wheel cause a vibration?

- Yes, the first indication of a buckled or bent wheel is usually the vibration that it causes

What causes a flat tyre?

- Valve stem problems that cause air leaks will cause tyres to go flat

- hitting a pothole, a kurb or an unexpected object on the road

- Even a small dent in the wheel breaks the seal between the tyre and the wheel and causes a flat or slow leak.

- Cracks in the wheel.

- Puncture in tyres caused by sharp objects, such as screws, nails or broken glass.

How To Tell When a Wheel, Not a Tyre, is Leaking?

- The wheel complete with tyre needs to be removed and checked in a water bath

What causes a Bented / Dented wheel?

- Usually caused by running over something in the road at speed, Potholes or kerb damage

Can the Alloy wheel repair centre, repair bent or cracked alloys?

- Yes bent of cracked alloy wheels can be repaired

How to remove scratches from alloy wheels?

- Not easy, Most alloy wheels have a painted or lacquered finish so a full refurbish will be required.

How do you refurbish alloy wheels?

- We strip wheel completely and start again, repairing as necessary, painting and lacquering.

How long does it take to fully refurbish an alloy wheel?

- Normally,3-4 working days

What the difference between wet paint and powder coating refurbishment of an alloy wheel?

- Powder coating is much thicker & tougher than wet paint so we powder coat all our refurbished wheels and then if colour requires we wet paint on the powder coat before lacquering

How do I know if my wheels are diamond cut?

- The easiest way to describe a diamond cut wheel is the face of the wheel have very fine grain lines running around like a CD.

How to not damage your alloy wheel?

- Aluminium wheels come in a wide range of alloy compositions, some soft some hard , Soft alloys bend easily, but do not tend to crack hard alloys that are heavier, do not bend as easily, but will crack under impacts

Any wheel can and will bend if it gets hit hard enough.

Pothole damage : Avoid hitting potholes or kerbs. if you have to hit a pothole, try to roll over the obstacle rather than let the weight of the car slam your locked wheel into it

The wheel nuts were rusting, How to prevent rust to form on lug nuts or wheel nuts?

- WD40 is a temporary solution to prevent rust from reforming

- Anti-seize compound

- Swap wheels and use this opportunity to remove the layer of rust that was slowly forming on the lug nuts

Do I need to make an appointment to have my wheel repaired?

- No, you can come by our location any time during our business hours to drop off your wheels.

If I leave just the wheel, does the tyre need to be taken off beforehand?

- No, we have all the necessary equipment to remove your tyres, put them back on and balance them for you.

How long does it take to fix a wheel?

- Depends on the damaged, Normally we have a next day turnaround, meaning you can drop it off one day and pick it up the next.

We can loan you a wheel so you can continue driving.

My damaged wheel is still on my car, can you remove it for me?

- Yes, we can remove your damaged wheel from the car and install your spare for you or loan you a wheel. When the wheel is finished we can put it back on the car and put your spare away for you.

I am not near one of your repair shops, can I ship you my damaged wheel?

- Yes, be sure to include your name, return address and phone number. We will call you when we receive your wheel and discuss method of payment at that time.

Can you repair my custom wheel?

- Yes, we can repair any aluminium wheel, original equipment or custom wheels.

I have a bent chrome wheel. Can this be repaired?

.If the wheel is chrome plated it can be repaired but, the chrome painting may crack or discolour

I have a cracked wheel, can it be repaired?

- Most of the time a cracked wheel can be repaired, but it is dependent on where the crack is located and how large it is. We recommend you get in touch with our technician and they can speak with you about weather your damage is repairable.

My lug nuts came loose and damaged the lug holes in my wheel, can that be fixed?

- Yes, we weld in and re-drill the damaged lug areas. After that is done, the wheel is refinished to look and perform like new again. This is an additional cost and takes extra time.

My wheels have a factory powder coated finish, will it match after the repair?

- We powder coat every wheel we refinish. Powder coating is a stronger, more durable finish and allows us to offer a lifetime guarantee on the finish of the wheel. We will able to match any colour.

Can you refinish my centre caps also?

- In some applications we can refinish your centre caps. Some caps that have a painted or machined finish we can do when we refinish your wheel, contact us for more information.

, In most cases we cannot re-machine caps and suggest a painted finished. Most centre caps are plastic and a destroyed by heating in the oven.

My wheels have a very reflective silver finish that looks almost like a chrome or polished finish but painted, can this be duplicated

- This finish is what is called “hyper-silver” in the industry, we can duplicate this finish at no extra charge.

I cleaned my wheels with wheel cleaner, now they are have cloudy stains on the wheels. Can this be repaired?

- Some cleaners have harsh chemicals that will discolour your wheels, we recommend cleaning only with soap and water. The good news is the wheels can be refurbished to look like new again. We will strip the old finish off the wheel and refinish them with a new powder coat finish that in most cases is better than new.

Do you fix steel wheels?

- In some cases we can but, normally it is not cost effective to repair steel wheels. You should contact your local branch for more details.

Can you fix 24” wheels?

- We can repair alloy wheels up to 24” in diameter. But can machine up to 22"

When I bent my wheel, I also had a tyre go flat. Can you replace my tyre as well?

- We can get most major brand tyres, after your wheel is fixed we will fit them free of charge.