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    To Select A Good Wheel Repair Shop

    First find an experienced alloy wheel repair shop to do your work.

    Alloy Wheel Repair Centre at wheelxchange, We have a good reputation and are committed to the best possible job for reasonable price. For an estimate please call in

    Repairing wheel or rims is a special skills and aperfect job can be done by an experienced specialist.

    We are specialized in repairing wheels and wheel refurbishment. Our engineers have been providing full-service Wheel Repair and preventative maintenance over 20 years

    our straightening of alloy wheels done with the use of a digital hydraulic machine. By using pushing, pulling and heat, the hydraulics system deliver and excelled repair that is possible. Giving excellent results

    Also, We will inform you in advance the time it takes to complete the repair, so that you can make appropriate arrangements for yourself.

    In most of the cases, repairs of wheels are quickly completed (while you wait service) and you might not require a loan wheels.

    If after wheel completed repair, you require wheel refurbishment or changing colours you'll find everything you need to get the most longevity and the greatest finish from your wheels. All of our services are offered at extremely competitive prices.

    When you come to Alloy wheel repair centre, you can rest assured that your Wheels are in good hands

    Wheel repair questions find out more at Frequently Asked Questions


    We start our work by beginning to inspecting the wheels looking for cracks and bends. We put the wheel on our machine to determine what areas must be fixed. Before starting any other work, the cracks or bends are first straightened. Scratches and scrapes in the wheels are cleaned.

    Our Alloy wheel repair centre is well equipped with the latest technology and high skills to offer a select range of services

    Cracked Alloy Wheel

    Aluminium wheels have a tendency to crack if they get hit hard. We inspect the area of cracking. We start weld preparation by cleaning the surface ready for welding, The processes to repair the wheel is called "TIG welding".Finally test die penetration to ensure there are no leaks before the wheel has the tyre back on.

    "Alloy wheels should only be welded by an experienced welder who knows TIG welding"

    Buckled wheel/ Dented wheel

    Dented or Buckled wheel are most commonly caused by pot holes in the road and will cause " Uneven tyre wear, Reduced vehicle performance, Wheel vibration"

    For straightening we use a specialist machine which uses digital hydralic technology. Today there are several processes for straightening alloy wheels, we are using craft working for minor dented wheel and digital hydraulic assistance technology ram press along with high heat to try and reshape bented or buckled wheels and with many years experience we find this very successful.

    Kerb damaged wheel, Chips wheel, Scuffs/ Scrapes wheel

    It's will inevitably cause alloy wheels to look unsightly. If not fixed, the damage get worse from the ingress of water causing corroded alloy wheels.

    Our repairs are completed to a high standard, damage to the face of the Alloy wheel may need welding/ machining depending has happened to your wheels, but normally most damages can be repaired, even bits missing we can replace bits, repair and restore them

    Alloy wheel repair centre goal to continue to provide everyone who comes to our shop with the cost effective and high-quality service and we willing to deliver to clients need delivery including car manufacturer main dealers, local garages, motor rally teams and members of the public.