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Professinal tyre fitting service with knowledgeable tyre fitters who will answer all your questions. Alloy wheel repair centre provided free tyre fitting and balancing service with all refurbishment or wheelxchange alloy wheels

Any enquiries about wheel and tyre please call in
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Professinal Tyre Fitting Services

We take your tyres as seriously as your wheels

Our machines are designed to aid the installation of tyres to difficult alloy wheels thus reducing the possibilities of damaging a wheel or tyre upon installation. Our staff are fully trained and have experience in fitting tyres.

"we be able to inspecting and identify the cause of wheel and tyre problems with our experienced."

Incorrect removal of the tyre from the wheel may damage the tyre, the wheel or the valve. To prevent the scratches so often seen on alloy wheels caused by the tooling in the tyre removal operation.

That’s why we offer the Tyre fitting and balancing services. while you have wheel repair or refurbishment service , We remove the damaged alloy wheels from the vehicle. Loan wheels provided if required. after we fixed wheels or refurbished your wheels we will offer tyre fitting and balancing services We always fit new plastic valves. Changing new bolts, new hub cap and wheel alignment are your choices (Extra cost)

Amazing offer to give care for your wheels.

We always make sure the alloy wheel fits freely on to the hub without interference, and that there are no screws, rivets or retaining clips which may interfere with a firm flat location of the hub against the wheel mounting face. If spigot rings are supplied then these must be inserted into the back of the wheel to centralise it onto the hub.

Wheel Care Routine Maintenance

Clean your wheels regularly once a week or at least once a month with soap and water.

Do not use corrosive cleaners as these can damage the lacquer and dull the finish.

More detail Listen from MP3 below

wheel care and Avoid Wheel damage.mp3